Freelance correspondent, interviewer and columnist, blogger and contributor to many online and in print publications. 

If I am not writing I am just biding time until I can get to a pen and paper or a laptop and commit the words whirling round my head to written down text. From stories about animals when I was a child to the ubiquitous angst-ridden teenage diaries, blogging the early years (of both the internet and parenting in the early 2000s), accounts of an year long family travel adventure and subsequent move to a remote Scottish island. I have written for newsletters, web content, magazine and journal articles and local & regional newspapers.

I currently live in a very busy house (five adults, cat, dog and chickens – yes sometimes in the house if we leave doors open!) in a very quiet place (the wilds of the Scottish Highlands). When I am not writing you are likely to find me in the garden or swimming in the loch at the end of my lane, where I will be planning what to write next.